From Outside Album Release

Since today you could listen, enjoy or dance to our 2nd album 'From Outside'.

Every outside has an inside. Without ever having passed the border between those two there wouldn’t even be a perception of the other side. And the mere knowledge of another reality than ours doesn’t allow us to know what the other side is like. The only way to find out is to pass the border and travel to the other side. Traveling makes us learn about the unknown and leave comfort zones behind. It makes us realize where we come from. Traveling shows us that our perception of things is always shaped by our point of view and thus remains limited. But knowing only bits and pieces doesn’t mean you have to keep your mouth shut, especially if you think it’s important to keep things moving. 


Our album was not supposed to become a plea. But if we were to find a matching idea that connects the pieces, it would be the balancing act between our curiosity for new, better ways and the limits of rational judgment. Now, have we unwillingly revealed the secret of sincere criticism? We guess so. 


Finally we feel very fortunate to be able to turn our ideas into music within a frame of trust and friendship. What a luck to inhabit places like these, where intuition and reflection meet so beautifully, where criticism and a good mood aren’t contradictory. Whether this is outside or inside? No one knows. Each question leads us to a door. It seems like there are plenty of doors we can go through together without losing orientation. And this is how we keep our things moving.


KONTAKT: david@rynkowski.eu